Video Interview

Pegasus has the largest ERP video bank in the industry of SAP and Oracle Professionals,  we offer clients the ability to achieve an instant perception of candidates we introduce via our bespoke 3D video CV application. Recruitment is a fast paced industry and the lion share of recruitment agencies are still acting in an initially 2D paper presentation of candidates to their clients unfortunately what may look good on paper may result in poor presentation skills and key character attributes required for a particular role.

We are able to present you the original CV coupled with our thorough and detailed submission form, whilst additionally presenting you a video presentation of each candidate which means you are able to act fast in a scenario of a very interesting candidate which is currently considering other opportunities.

Benefits of 3D Video CV

  • Eradicate time consuming and costly first stage interviews whilst recognise talent instantly with a transparent recruitment process
  • Profile candidates in full exposure regardless of their location
  • Provide decision makers with a clear concise picture of candidates as early as possible, personalities, communication skills and vital attributes
  • Re-consideration viewing at your own convenience and multi view allows involvement of key people such as IT Director, Managers and even peers can share thoughts across the short listing process anytime anywhere
  • Significantly reduces interview to placement ratios
  • Many more benefits can be listed... Simply put 3D is a whole new world to 2D... A picture offers a 1,000 words...

"Pegasus has built up an archive of over 800 Video CV  in ERP presentations which is an ever growing number, we really do provide people not paper from the word Go.." 

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