Exclusive! PSL | RPO | RPP for ERP inc Entire Target Audience Email Capture with AI Tool

PEGASUS offers committed clients our premium service via our premier PSLforERP and RPOforERP, dedicated Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) for clients who rely on ERP.  RPOforERP  and associated technologies service (naturally we can discuss IT) alternatively we can act as an extension to your current list of  IT preferred suppliers as PSLforERP for exclusive ERP solutions.  In todays recruitment markets ERP is still branded simply as IT recruitment when infact the reality is that these niche applications are responsible for the companies effectiveness on a global scale for Finance, Logistics, CRM and Human Resources.  Individuals who can appreicate the difference will see them as "business critical" applications.

The success and return on investment (ROI) of ERP within a footprint is directly related to the permanent and contract individuals who operate your systems from a business as usual and project implementation and enhancement perspective.  This is the exact zone we ensure is maximised for your company.

Our above services are introduced as the Pegasus Premier, which incorporates our complete strategic offerings

  • Executive Search (Permanent)
  • Interim Search (Contract)
  • Service Guarantee - We was the pioneers of providing clients a SG, We are the only ERP Recruiter to offer the true one.)
  • 3D Video CV
  • Membership Knowledge Network (MKN) for written and verbal ERP solutions for business as usual and project obstacles
  • In-house interim support (on-site campaign support, just ask)
  • Reality of ERP Recruitment Advisory Services
  • ERP Data-Demographics of local ERP clients exposed
  • Full scale feature advertisement (including Linkedin Recruiter advertisement) client name transparency
  • A refer line for recruiters whom contact you for the position
  • 6 Month FREE Replacement Period (Permanent) 5 Days FREE Replacement Period (Contract). Rebates are not our concern.
  • Preferrential rates due to commitment for permanent and contract requirements

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