"A1" Demographic Email Capture

A world first! The worlds most powerful contact email capture advanced augmented machine learning tool, products such as Lusher, Rocket and Hunter respectfully resemble insignificance to the sheer magnitude of this new to market mapping tool not oDe nly does this unique AI mapping software engage in real time with Linkedin at a global level; its use and capability are endless.  This iconic technology driven by a series of complex APIs cannot be compared to anything in recruiting existence, conceptually it is the beginning and an end to to era 

Whilst countless B2B advantages are apparent we will focus on the compelling advantages it provides to any company looking at recruiting one member or an entire global workforce, to building brand awareness from a specific geographical location, country or worldwide global marketing deployment of a product or service.  This product enables the user to achieve the impossible in very competitive and demanding fields

Founders Comments ” A distant thought when I began my career 15 years ago, go back a number of years and AI was generating topic conversation... I looked at machine learning and a key scenario of presenting a (99% perfect) pool of candidates.  It's interesting the gap between job spec and committed candidate introduction certainly as a  permanent recruiter minimum 70% of your day, week, month or year.  It also is the grey matter area literally your (searching) where as all activity in the existing 30% black and white; you have your committed candidate(s) and clients. A recruiter can then focus on there requirements, relationship, preperation, advising, negotiatiating and all round customer experience.

As we take to market 

As a subject matter expert in recruitment, an individual with complete passion for the industry and a lifetime commitment to the art of recruitment, I as one of few can proudly say I have created some of the most powerful and positive impacting USPs aa the market knows, I respect my immediate competitor company owners as they do me.