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Pre-fix:  Many recruiters and recruitment agencies have offered various referral systems; however with no real structure and even in some circumstances failure to reward coupled with minimal financial incentive, for most we assume; referral systems historically have been a disappointing experience...

At Pegasus we have introduced and operating the most transparent, structured and track-able referral system with an unbeatable financial incentive to the ERP market.  We thought to offer the very best we can in the first place and to secure your interest and motivation in working with us.  We reward between a minimum of a £500 to £4,000.

The Pegasus Referral system is 100% discreet.  100% confidential and no-one will ever know your name or involvement apart from the recruiter who referred this to you, with this in mind you are only doing good for the client and the candidate and are only rewarded if your referral is successful.  You can either refer a vacancy you are aware of or a candidate for a vacancy which can be permanent or contract.  Its a complete WIN-WIN scenario some of the largest companies in the world including Oracle and SAP offer financial referral rewards.

  • The referred client is happy having identified, interviewed, offered and secured a professional for the vacancy.
  • The referred candidate is happy having identified, interviewed, offered and secured a position with the client.
  • You the referer of either above scenario vacancy or candidate is happy having secured between £500 and £4,000.
  • Us at Pegasus are happy having completed the recruitment process for another client with a new relationship built.

"The referral reward is paid from the the standard fee we have agreed with the client prior to working the assignment which means the client pays no additional money and is simply a benefit in kind from us to you"

Our concept is simple, tried and tested to the sum of £32,000 to referrers and £3,500 to charity.  The great news is 1 in 3 CV's we introduce are successful and 1 in 3 vacancies we recruit for are successful.  That is our 2013/2014 statistics.  We are experts at what we do which means your referral probability is optimised.

This referral system is available for anyone to leverage including candidates both contract and permanent, support managers, HR managers, talent acquisition and even other recruiters.  Frankly put if you are aware for example that a company is recruiting and you complete our vacancy form, receive your submission reference and each and every Friday receive an automated track-able status email so you know exactly what stage we are in the process and remember its 100% discreet.  100% confidential.​  

  • Identify a lead for a vacancy (permanent or contract), or Identify a suitable candidate for one of our vacancies.
  • Upload via the relevant submission form as much information as possible and submit to receive your submission reference.
  • Every Friday you will receive a automated track-able status so you know exactly what stage we are at with client (example below)
  • On the basis that a vacancy or candidate you have provided us supports a successful recruitment process with the client we will send you your referral reward within 30 days of confirmation.  Happy Referring! 

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    Refer a Vacancy or a Candidate NOW

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    Weekly track-able report example

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    Simply PayPal or cash transaction