Please find either the Vacancy, Lead Referral Form to refer a requirement or Lead you are aware of, alternatively below you can find the Candidate Referral Form to refer an applicant for a position.

Recruitment is a relationship industry and we believe in rewarding those who help us.  We certainly want to share our success with those who make us a success!  We provide the best cash incentives in the industry from a minimum of a £500 upto £4,000*

Your details are 100% discreet. 100% confidential and we will never disclose the source of the referral simply market information.  If you do not wish to receive the cash we will gesture the money to a chosen charity and provide you with a donation certificate if desired.  Many full time employees and contractors are earning between £1,000 and £15,000 per year via this very straight forward incentive system.  Think what you can do with the money!

Vacancy or Lead Referral Form

Form ID:69

Candidate Referral Form

Form ID:70

*You will receive the cash referral of £500 to £4,000 providing the company who you refer the vacancy for accepts our terms and actually employees (permanent or contract) a candidate which we introduced. A reward for contract is £1,000 every 3 months of engagement which means upto £,4,000 for 12 months per vacancy.  A reward for permanent is between £500 and £2,000 dependant on salary range per vacancy.

*You will receive the cash referral providing the company who you refer the candidate for accepts our terms and actually employees (permanent or contract) the candidate you introduced.

We like to keep this easy and straightforward.  We have provided successful cash referrals of £30,000 and also £3,500 towards nominated charities (date Janaury 2015)       

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