Services Guarantee

Traditionally and still today hiring managers are subject to the same relevant issues when recruiting relatively niche skills to support an ERP footprint or project their organisation has invested in.  Our intense research suggests permanent placement had more signifcant issues than contract for example.

Permanent Scenario :"You experience candidates with non-permanent backgrounds and average skill-sets related to your actual requirement, only to further choose for interview and quickly establish poor communication skills perhaps for a functional or support requirement when the individual will be required to communicate with users, management and stakeholders or ultimately the above is all reasonable however the candidate has unrealistic commute to your offices  as he will be traveling 60 miles each way and you have a concern on the longevity of employment and additionally a concern on your investment...”

The sole objective of recruitment is to be exposed to the very best talent available for your company and to be able to select the "single" best candidate for the requirement.  Our very focal point, it's your people that you invest in which determines your ROI of your ERP footprint.

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Founders Comments. "Being the first ERP recruiter to launch a Service Guarantee of this level was a truly inspirational and moving moment for ourselves and more importantly the industry, at this stage we began to define ourselves almost most product like with actual features and be able to offer the ERP recruitment market something revolutionary and instantly be able to differentiate ourselves with a compelling advantage.  A Service Guarantee of this significance is certainly not something a recruiter can just decide to offer or duplicate, it has been a by-product of our continous effort to improve client experience coupled with our obsession to be great at what we do."

Our Service Guarantee is kept confidential and restricted from public view due to competitor efforts to duplicate and provide a poor perception.  However naturally we do include within our emails of introduction to clients on a daily basis as we know its going to a safe contact.  As a client interested in a "non war and peace" overview of the Pegasus Service Guarantee please complete the simple form to receive the PDF exposing all, additionally we can demonstrate our services via a share-screen from your desktop or via meeting. Our recruiting solutions will support your key goal with respect to ROI of your largest IT investment. ERP.