Pegasus provides a comprehensive set of candidate services, our objective is to be as useful as possible, apart from the ultimate support in offering and securing you a new 'career move' or 'project' please find a list of further services you can arrange with our recruitment experts.

  • CV Re-writing, keywords, structure and layout, what to have and not to have.
  • Linkedin Re-writing, Keywords, structure and layout, what to have and not to have. How to get found when you want to be!
  • 3D CV, the market is progressing fast and we offer a Pegasus 3D Video CV we promotes you in todays market.
  • State of the art Linkedin, keywords to bring you to the top of searches in your field, what to have and not to have.
  • Formal Appraisal, deep understanding of skills, career motivations, local end user locations and consultative overview of you.
  • Salary benchmarking, considering location, skill niche and experience
  • Client Marketing, we offer marketing to prospects you would be keen to work for, only on an exclusive basis.
  • Mailshot, we only title you in one category which means you only receive SMS and @ mailshots which are appropriate!
  • Ambassodor program, a private and confidental service which can you see earn 1K to 15K on a yearly basis, ask to find our more!

Our aspirations are straight forward; we aim to provide you the best possible experience when finding a new career opportunity.  We have developed credible experience zones to ensure you know why you are registered with Pegasus.