The Culture

Upon arrival at our offices you will instantly "acknowledge" the commitment we have to offering a great company culture to all of our employees...

Our offices offer a vibrant and energetic open plan working space, bespoke interior top floor environment with an amazing view of North West London based in the leafy green suburbs of Pinner at Westbury House, which is just 15 minutes from Baker Street.  Our offices include complete cloud solution, video conferencing computing, executive chairs and dual screen monitors to support your drive to success.

All of our team are motivated by the rewards of being a successful recruiter, beyond our rewards and incentives part of our culture is to join together each morning and at the end of each week, further we promote end of month presentations to share our accomplishments recognise key performance indicators and congratulate success.  

We share a well defined set of clear values which make up our company culture; we are sure they are the cornerstone to our success and you will find people at our business represent the following types of characteristics being passion, attitude, honesty, energy, respectful and rapport able individuals.​