We value each and every candidate we engage with, as a specialist we understand your local end user ERP landscape which means for permanent careers we can introduce you to your most local key flagship sites; whilst contractors will benefit from our involvement with global scale projects.  We are often positioned to know exactly who and where can benefit from your experience.  

At Pegasus we are extremely process orientated and your experience with us begins with our Talent Appraisal the very cornerstone of understanding your needs, skill-set, career aspiration and motivations for a viable move. Respectfully we have a reputation, a reputation we are very proud of, we are the recruiter that is trusted by the largest companies in the world to source first class talent.  You have likely already referenced us to be on this page.  We often will take references for two reasons a) to confirm your career history and b) to get excited about you! It's key! A good reference will build an enthusiasm with our recruiters to really explore the market to literally unearth the best opportunities for you.

Candidates benefit from our "strategic sure-sourcing process priciples" which are aligned and driven via a number of bespoke service features tailored to provide you an unsurpassed "candidate experience". 

rich with number of exciting elements which include specific target audience video introductions of yourself presented to local end user sites to your home, talent appraisals, career comparison reports and a candidate service guarantee.

You can create an account which will also provide you various additional services such as 'watch dog' which means you will automatically alerted to requirements for your discipline with extended options for email and sms which can have excellent early bird results for contracts alternatively, send your CV to and provide Oracle or SAP etc Consultation in the subject field and you will have a call from a specialist recruiter within your field today. ​

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