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This is your chance to become an Associate Director of Pegasus

- Starting 50% Commission, every December 100% bonus!

- Work from home, work from the office, work anywhere 100%

- Work the exact hours that suit your life and commitments

- Start your own business leverage the infrastructure and branding of Pegasus!

- Maintain as an individual using the Pegasus ERP Solutions team or grow a team and entity around you at a local office with continued investment from Pegasus

For the experienced recruiter with financial aspirations and freedom of life this is the logical next step, take a read, open your mind to this unique market opportunity

I am absolutely sure that a size-able portion of today’s ERP recruiting professionals regularly say to themselves the inspirational words of “I am sure I can do this for myself!” You may be on yet another early morning train, you may be stuck in traffic, you may not agree with management, concerned of your actual future or far more simply from time to time weigh up your options despite being relatively happy where you are and still say “I am sure I can do this for myself!” and if you think you can... I’m sure you can too... My motivation; is to provide you “a means to scratch an entrepreneurial itch” a passport for personal success.  Pegasus Passport in association with Pegasus ERP Solutions is a first to market, our concept is complete, tried and tested and most important 100% successful.

Now it's your chance to leverage all of our hardwork and partner for a FREE franchise become a Director of ERP recruitment business today

We are the first ever company to offer the 100% complete package and eliminate all costs for a recruiter to take a step to starting out for themselves.  Websites, Global Phone Solutions and tariffs, Global Advertisement solutions, Terms & Conditions, Dual Screen Monitors, i5 Core computing, Desks, Executive Chairs, IT and Database support, choice of Bulhorn, Mercury XRM or RDB ProNet License, Cube19 for BI, Microsoft Office, 60,000 SAP Candidates, 20,000 Oracle EBS candidates, 30,000 SAP and Oracle end user customers and contacts UK and EU,  Accounts, Credit Control, Invoice Factoring, Reception Pace-maker, Administration for CV's upload and the Founding Director of Pegasus as your support, mentor and business partner (See PDF).  It just doesn't get more exciting than that!  Everything is in place now!  You simply start recruiting, no delay, no down-time, whilst we support your cross-over.

Pegasus provides you the absolute complete package to start your ERP recruitment business.  You don't pay for a thing! Ever! 0% Cost, Fact!

You will now find below a complete list of everything you will receive when you become an Associate Director, Pegasus will have an installation expert arrive at your home (if home working) or if we are investing in a small local office at the agreed location.  Its as straight forward as that, you know this is exciting....


You simply operate a Ltd company which works in association with Pegasus via a services agreement, just like a franchise.  The MD of Pegasus will set everything up and his management accountants will look after everything on request.  You are instantly propelled into a far greater situation then your current one, it takes years to grow the foundation of a successful business and even longer to establish the brand and we are offering you complete access overnight coupled with the Director as a mentor and guide.​

Rasul Mustofa had several offers from classic recruiters however he decided to engage and become the first Pegasus Passport, Associate Director.  He has now been with us 3.5 years as has gone from 120K recruiter to 270K recruiter this year end.  He will be the first to share with you the professionalism and know how of the internal team, resource team of headhunters coupled with a mentor like Paul Lewis frankly its fair to say we developed Rasuls billings over 100%

Rasul will be providing a published and complete insight video interview in Q1/Q2 2016 to expose how the passport changed his recruiting and personal life...

He had worked for one recruiter for 6 years and seeking something new he moved onto two more companies in short succession however could not settle, he could not find exactly what he was looking for... He just felt limited by working on a PAYE basis, standard commission structures and ultimately owing his day to day life to a recruitment company...

My promise; not an opportunity remotely like this on the market, built by a ex-permanent employed recruiter, turned successful recruitment business owner, built with you in mind still on your seat today. I will help make your dreams happen. Thats my promise. Early adopters will have natural benefits...You owe it to yourself surely by now to find out more... Start out alone or have a word with a close college at the office?

Please also visit where you will find detailed PDFs and further information.  Call Paul Lewis, 100% confidential, 100% discrete on 07718 883 386 anytime, 7am till 10pm Monday-Sunday.