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Purposely picture based article to bring you closer to the reality of recruiting.

Absolutely love starting, developing, progressing a career as a recruitment consultant. Be sure that when you have overcome all of the initial obstacles related to 'crossing that first line' and successfully being able to make placements you have will have grasped a certain set of skills which will support you financially coupled with career satisfaction. I will warn you the industry 'cliché' is its not rocket science but I have questioned that several times in my decade of dedication to the industry...  

At first yes basics are basics, if you are not generating a company money then you are only a cost so be respectful, be grateful for your opportunity and learning curve and make it happen.. Forget your earnings at first build foundation... 10 years at 35k or 10 years at 100k+ earnings.

You need to ask yourself how many careers offer you the ability to earn 60-120k within 3 years...? Not many a doctor, a lawyer, a journalist well you are talking 5-12 years of learning before any real financial figures will come your way.

You must look at yourself as a project, much like a great footballer. You must make a commitment to yourself, success requires sacrifice. If we take the best footballer in the world, how hard he trains, total discipline of diet towards career, passion to be the best. He literally works on himself like a project constantly refining and refining to be the best Christano Ronaldo he can be! Well any profession is certainly not to dissimilar the ability of his free kick or dribbling skills in which are attributes of his greatness can still be compared in relative state to the expert recruitment consultant to generate committed jobs with clients from cold calls on a consistent basis, or the unequalled focus of the top headhunter unearthing the absolute best candidates from a passive channel.... If you want to be great at something you need to work on it. Your communication ability is a prised gift in a sales environment.

Your biggest physiological asset is to believe in yourself.

Real Madrid was losing the cup in the 86 minute 1-0, Ronaldo picked his team mate up and said c'mon we are going to score. Ronaldo did score multiple goals and they one 4-1. Pure belief.

So you will be behind a desk (hopefully dual-screen) in your suit with a phone and a database of candidates and clients and its your objective to offer some 'wizards snap'. You will form relationships with candidates and clients whilst generating market information which you can leverage to make placements. You will need establish a way in which people will listen to you, you may be a natural people's person, you may play market guru fuelled with information how you do it is down to you. It's about you committing to finding your way that works, piecing the jigsaw of key day2day recruitment activities to make it happen. You are a gladiator the market is your arena, treat your desk with pride, use the tools of the trade well, excel in using the database, become excellent with products like LinkedIn and Xing to tunnel and identify hidden raw talent for headhunting passive candidates.

A recruiters desk at Pegasus, an institution for success from trainee to director path

Tonality... You need to have your elevator pitch which means when speaking to clients they will engage with you, you need to get amongst the candidates ever heard the term 'cat amongst the pigeons' well similar... However be at the same level... You need to listen to candidates understand what's important to them... Recognise if someone is in real need and see what you can do for them, they will return the favour in the future. Don't be scared go out and meet candidates build relationships have a group you trust and they will help you too! Remember people's birthdays or hobbies it goes along way.

Target companies, take a read about them I can promise you when you start digging into a company it can become immensely interesting and then as a byproduct when speaking with the client you understand there business and as a default you will gain respect and opportunity.

You will need to change your state... You will need to drive yourself out of your comfort zone to find reputable success.

Listen to the people around you... Take from other recruiters snippets which work and deploy into your activity. It's about getting the basics in order a recruiter who can have consistent nice conversations is no match for a recruiter who can consistently achieve core KPIs such as leads, jobs and deal making cvs...

You have every opportunity to make yourself absolutely great! The top1% of any career train and practice the most. You must want to be great at what you do. The best recruiters, athletes, doctors or mothers just can't help but want to do what they do better, they analyse themselves, review, read, learn, nurture themselves to a better state constantly. As a recruiter you have the opportunity to be average, good, great or super it's all very much related to dedication and training and practice. Are you the first or the phone and the last not just on a Monday but still to on a Friday..?

Putting the armour on for the fight, constant bite-size training will be the cornerstone of foundation and growth

Having a decade of recruitment experience I can assure you to have the end in mind at the start. Your name, your desk, your number should be the preference. You need to build up quality relationship groups such as a group of contractors or permanent candidates, clients who will hire from you and come to you with requirements a whirl wind of people that can rely on you as much as you can rely on them...

Pegasus presents top recruiter commissions in style.. It's that moment however that money can't buy... That feeling of success.

You will need a level head, recruitment can break you down... Often recruiters starting out and experiencing a 10k deal for the business have a candidate offer reject can hurt that's roughly £2,000 commission 20% of 10k fee for the young man/women in their career! I mean touching on earning capacity a great recruiter can offer an array of exciting benefits commission, monthly, quarterly and end of year bonus, Ferrari days, Dubai holidays I mean the more you bill the more you earn this is a professional casino ladies and gentleman! Recruitment does not stop either you will slowly feather an addiction to your career, evening work after a 10 hour day can be easy once your mind is set on success...

Garry & Myself celebrating a most improved year for Gary in his recruitment career, Private beach, Dubai, Al Qasr.

Get successful in recruitment and you have truly carved a career seat for life... If you work hard and your career is a priority, an interest and you form an overall excitement for what you do you can expect to earn between 5-10k per month yes people earn less and more but that is a marker I would activate this figure for the able and experienced recruiter.

Prior to leaving home for a meeting, luxury is all part of your success.

I had a great experience when I started my recruitment career, quickly I was exposed to the success of the industry, it can be exceptionally exciting I was 21, my first boss hired a Ferrari we was driving around London I mean yes it was incredible at such a young age, I dined at restaurants such as Beni Hana, Coq d'Argent and Gaucho. We sipped Dom Perignon 550ft in the air at Vertical42!  My MD walked we through the top tailor suits streets of London such as Jermyn street and I got a taste of what life could be with the right attitude to working life

Financial success is simply part of the course for a dedicated recruiter, late starts, more holiday, fast cars, top holiday resorts and materialistic lavish goods..

A wonderful moment several years ago when I bought a Mercedes SL AMG Convertible super sports car... Clearly Mercedes even made it a special moment...

In 24 hours of a day, you sleep for 6-8, work for 8-12 and at least during the week the rest is made up of travel, perhaps gym and a hour or so relaxing with family or loved ones which means yes a staggering amount of time of your awake life 75% will be at work and as a group effort between MD, team and yourself you can make it great everyday! Incentives, really acting as a team towards your business and career goals, listening to each up at a friendship level, coaching and supporting colleges with there interests and hanging out all supports a great team moral.

Some of the SAP team on a reactive night bowling

My conclusion is to be a great recruiter you must follow the path from traineeship and develop step by step you have to have a pinch of gravitas too! You will need to have energy to consistently create business opportunity for your desk by way of phone and even meetings. You will need to be doubled determined to battle through the "no after no" and grasp intelligence throughout each call perhaps establishing other opportunities and market information... You will need to have an eye for detail whilst being able to look at the bigger picture... Your administration skills cannot be overlooked for the recruiter with accurate notes and careful call back reminder tagging will reap the reward... You must be willing to learn industry trends and latest technologies by surfing the Internet and asking candidates questions and listening carefully which will couple together to provide a recognised specialism in your field when talking to clients... You need to accept that it's a competitive market and recognise urgency is key to winning.

Finally... You must be able to brush your self down and accept there are no guarantees and you are responsible for your life and success..!

My name is Paul Lewis, proud to say founder of Pegasus ERP solutions, I began my career as a trainee, progressed to experience consultant with success in both contract and permanent recruitment through to launching my own recruitment business. 

I hope this picture based article has brought your closer to what a career may look like coupled with a down to earth explanation of what is expected of you.  If you want to learn more about our recruiter traineeship's please feel free to contact me for a conversation.   

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Finally a quote which has remained with me for the past 10 years and will remain with me for my whole career.