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Compelling! Candidate mailshot feedback



It's fantastic for us here at Pegasus-Resource to receive such feedback infact in our survey 94% of our responders were very happy with the service.

Since inception management has always focused on ensuring that each and every applicant is attributed correctly only to the job titles they are relevant for. 

The byproduct years later is an extremely strong candidate system which at a click of a button we can make the correct pool of seasoned industry module experts aware of live requirements.

"Pegasus is one of the only agencies which always gets it right"

"Pauls team always provides job opportunities which are relevant to me, it actually makes it quite exciting when I receive mail from them, the subjects the same so you know what your looking out for. It could always be the next career opportunity!"

"In my experience as a Oracle Financials consultant, Pegasus provides roles which are always suitable. So many agencies send roles which just are not right"