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Pegasus Exposes a 5 Year ERP Client Relationship



In respect to niche markets such as Oracle Applications it is possible with the right focus and consistent effort to build up the complete demographics of such markets.

That's exactly what we have done...   Over the years Pegasus has clearly become the industry leaders for end user permanent recruitment specifically for Oracle Applications e-business suite in the UK, whilst maintaining a healthy reputation in the contract market.

Our in-house methods of identifying raw talent within this chosen field is literally second to none. In the mind of our clients we have a very credible name and are the preferred choice for many companies. 

Internally we know that we are the best in the market, time and time again we make the all important placement over our competition. 

Pegasus gets the call from the client, We would like to make an offer too...

So to often companies are happy with choosing from active candidates in the market or hiring contractors who just happen to be available only to lose them a few months later, we have made a big change to this... frankly we have a delivery process well beyond the norm!

Please find a 5 year case study of ERP services to an end user client, truly defining partnership.