Pegasus has built an established brand over the past decade, a badge which breeds and is accepted as the gold standard.  Throughout over a decade dedicated to ERP recruitment and early adoption of Cloud technology we are the leading and confidently the no1 Recruiter having identified  and pursued our demographic target audience of specifically “providing permanent talent to the end user  client footprints”.  A reputation as the logical partner for this given carved niche of Oracle Applications/Fusion and SAP whilst recent years has seen an extended replication of our success to Workday.  Our 'inch wide, mile deep' formula bridges the gap between exposure of some of the most obscurest skill-sets and modules on a global scale.

Pioneers of the Service Guarantee™️ in 2015 was truly a revolutionary moment and would provide a benchmark expectation and as a by-product actually upscale the whole agency sector for permanent services across the ERP market.  We operate as an extension to your internal Human Resources or Talent Management team.  

We were the first to provide and still remain the ONLY recruiter to offer a service Guarantee in the ERP and Cloud technology recruitment markets.   Our Guarantee defines true partnership interest and longevity within our engagement with you the client.  Our recruiting principles are at such a high level that we are not interested in rebate periods, quite frankly based on our standard terms if the candidate we provide you leaves at anytime in the first six months we will provide a full refund or free replacement, hopefully that signifies our standards.

Pegasus has a preferred supplier portfolio which exceeds 150 end user organisations using SAP and Oracle Applications, boasting circa 30% of the FTSE, 100, 250 & 500 client listing.  If they can put their trust in us, we hope you will give us the chance aswell.  

Based on commitment we will never let you down, we make it personal, we make it motivating and most importantly we make it happen! Contact us today on +44 (0) 207 060 3936 or choose a lead recruiter from meet the team to engage with! 

Lets arrange a time to meet and perhaps scale the future of your ERP and IT staffing demands we are the first to provide a dedicated RPOforERP coming June 2019 for portfolio clients.  A trusted advisor of ERP recruitment.  Our reputation is everything. 

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(Please note a fraudalent company called Evolve-ERP springboarded from our success and founders life passion, FRAUD-ERP I am told much of the market and inner sanctum has named them, Breech of engagement contract, breech of GDPR of 30,000 resumes, breech of IP, breech of data-act, breech of data-fraud, breech of copyright and theft of financial accounts)  ERP Clients working with them will ONLY be recieving the pool of candidates that work with EVOLVE-ERP (pro-nounced fraud erp) they have a made a good effort to hide this from clients, but simply the market knows and when you win the camdidate market you win the matter, I have 1,500 permanent signatures on my petition against them, I'm sure you agree for the reputatation to aquire staff in the future, I have just reeieved microsofty tracers of all information May 2019)